Dr. Alonzo Johnson-Visionary, Community Leader, Professor, Pastor, Author

Dr. Alonzo Johnson-Visionary, Community Leader, Professor, Pastor, Author

May 16, 2022

Dr. Alonzo Johnson graduated from Claflin University with a B.A. in Religious Studies and a minor in philosophy. He then went to receive a Master of Divinity, Master of Sacred Theology, Master of Philosophy, and a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) from Union Theological Seminary. Known as a self-starter, builder and visionary, and a consummate team player in the course of his career, academia, the church, and the business world, Dr. Alonzo Johnson has and continues to enjoy both the pleasure and the awesome responsibility of facing the challenges that come with establishing, nurturing and directing institutions that serve the public good. He credits his experiences in graduate and undergraduate academic institutions that helped shaped him in fully understanding each challenge that public and private institutions face as they seek to serve students and the demands of accrediting agencies.

Dr. Alonzo Johnson has served on the Board of Trustees of the
Interdenominational Theological Center for nearly two decades. During much of this time, he has served on and chaired the Academic Affairs Committee of the Board; working up close with two cycles of  SACS & Association of Theological Schools 10-year Accreditation Reaffirmation preparation.  He is deemed as an experienced team builder, working within institutions and building partnerships with outside community-based entities.

Dr. Alonzo Johnson is an ordained elder in the Church of God in Christ and is both pastor and founder of The Universal Outreach Church in Irmo, South Carolina where he has successfully led the church in the growth of its membership, ministries, programs, and budget, culminating in August 2016 with the purchase of the multi-million-dollar campus in Irmo, SC.  The church is strongly community-focused in vision and ministry.

On the state level, Dr. Alonzo Johnson serves as the assistant bishop to the South Carolina Jurisdiction. Duties consist of the training of clergy and laity,  supervision of pastors, overseeing church planting
and administration for sixty-five congregations in South Carolina.

On the national level, Dr. Alonzo Johnson serves in the capacity of Executive Consultant & Commissioner, The Church of God in Christ – Memphis, TN where he has had the responsibility of developing unified systems for the delivery of training for clergy and laity throughout the world, serving 5-million members, 25,000 congregations, and 12,000 pastors. In this role he developed the curriculum for the training of clergy throughout the denomination; led in the establishment of the denomination’s school, All Saints Bible College, Memphis, TN; reorganized the denomination’s system of Bible Colleges, and developed the structure for the online delivery of ministry training programs.

In the secular world, he is the Owner of Agape Health Services, LLC – Irmo, SC which is a provider for Medicaid Adult Day Care and Home Health Services. In academia, Dr. Alonzo Johnson currently serves as Associate Professor of Theology, Dickerson-Green Theological Seminary (Allen University)—Columbia, SC whose Primary area of responsibility is in teaching core and upper-level courses in theology and ethics, participation in student advisement, doing scholarly research, and participation in public service events within and outside of the university community. He has served as a Professor of Religious Studies at The University of South Carolina – Columbia, SC. He was Responsible for the development and teaching of all courses on African Americans, Caribbean,
Latin American, and African Religions. Taught graduate and undergraduate courses and taught in the Honors College, African American Studies Programs, the USC degree programs
for incarcerated men, as well as core curriculum classes. Dr. Alonzo Johnson also served as Assistant Professor at Benedict College – Columbia, SC where he taught core religion and philosophy courses for the core curriculum.

Dr. Alonzo Johnson is also the author of several works.

In-Process: A Book Review of Frederick L. Ware, Antonia Michelle Daymond, Eric Lewis Williams, Editors:
T&T Clark Handbook of African American Theology, (T&T Clark).
In-Process: Co-Author with Dr. David D. Daniels: “Political and Theological Reflections on Race: A Black
Pentecostal Perspective,” for Pneuma.
Virtual Lecture Presentation: “Equipping Clergy for Ministry During the Pandemic & Beyond.” Ontario
Jurisdiction, Church Of God In Christ, October 25, 2021.
Chief Editor and Contributing Author, Church Of God In Christ: Ordination and Licensure Textbook,
Church Of God In Christ Publishing House, Memphis, TN., November 2019.
Chief Editor and Contributing Author, Church Of God In Christ: Ordination and Licensure Textbook, Teachers’
Edition. Church Of God In Christ Publishing House, Memphis, TN.
Presentation: COGIC Scholars & O. T. Jones Institute, Church Of God In Christ: Ordination and Licensure
Textbook, Teacher’s Edition. November 7 & 9, 2019, St. Louis, MO.
Presentation: COGIC Scholars & O. T. Jones Institute: Understanding Spiritual Formation in the New Age,
Social Media Era. November 10, 2018, St. Louis, MO.
Presentation (Seminar Led): COGIC Scholars & O. T. Jones Institute: Gender Identity, Transgender, & Human
Sexuality: The New Moral, Legal, & Theological Landscape, What Religious Organizations Should Know and
Why! November 6-8, 2015, St. Louis, MO.
Current Editor & Contributor: Revised Standardized Ordination Curriculum, Church of God in Christ.
Co-Author of the Chapter on “The Church of God in Christ Statement of Faith,” Standardized Ordination
Curriculum, Church of God in Christ, Church of God in Christ Publishing House, Memphis, TN., 2015.
Author, Good News for the Disinherited. University Press of America, Washington DC, 1997.
Author of the lead Chapter & Co-Editor, Ain’t Gonna Lay My ‘Ligion Down. The University of South Carolina
Press, Columbia, SC, 1997.
Author, Thought You Knew Everything About Church? Think Again! Universal Publications & Media, Inc.,
Author, The Pastor’s Helper. Provider’s House Publishing, 2004.
Co-Author: Powe, B.D., & Johnson, Alonzo. “Fatalism Among African Americans: A Philosophical
Perspective.” Journal of Religion and Health (Summer 1995)
Chapter Author: “Researching the Church of God in Christ”. African-American Religion: Research Problems
and Resources for the 1990s. Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, New York City, NY.
Series Compiler & Editor: Church of God in Christ Doctrine & Theology: Student Book. Church of God in
Christ Publishing House, Memphis, TN, 2002



Pam Hill–Buy A Home for the Price of a Car

Pam Hill–Buy A Home for the Price of a Car

April 21, 2022

Pam Hill received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology with a minor in Political Science from Dartmouth College in New Hampshire. She went on to receive her master's degree in International Development and Finance from Harvard University in Boston, Massachusetts. Today she is an entrepreneur and CEO of a multi-million-dollar real-estate company, a business and money expert, a former Fortune-500 executive, and founder of My Smart Cousin.  Pam's main goal is to help Black and Brown folks, and especially women, understand their money, increase their accountability and build generational wealth.


Growing up, her mother told her on how she got her interested in math by telling her that people could cheat her out of her allowance otherwise. “Really?!” she said wide-eyed, hugging her cigar-box bank with its cache of pennies, quarters and dimes to my chest. “Really,” she said with finality, plucking a few nickels from the box to show the dastardly ease with which such crimes could be committed. From then on math became Pam's new best friend as she used fingers, toes and everything else to count her haul from flower seed sales in elementary school, candy in junior high and earnings from jobs and businesses. 


For most of us, talking about math is about as much fun as getting our last two teeth pulled.   First, most of the math one need to know to run a business and understand numbers is grade-school math— that’s right, good ol’ fashioned ‘rithmetic. Second, research shows that the anxiety many women and Black and Brown folks have about math is based on society (affectionately known as, The Man) constantly telling us that numbers are just not for us. But research also tells us that women investors and diverse team outperform White-men only teams.

So, take a deep breath, and stick with Pam, because you can do this — you can do the kind of math you need to level-up your entire life.

The biggest recurring theme Pam sees with folks in the six-figure income category is that while they know their way around business and money topics at a high-level (let the choir say, Amen!), we don’t know the ins and outs of our money.  That is, how much money are we keeping of the money that we’re making? Or, how much do we own, really own (read, no credit card or loans on it)? And the reasons are varied, but usually some combination of:

  • We’re scurred: that’s right, quaking-in-our-boots don’t-tell-nobody scurred to see what’s going on with our finances.
  • We don’t know where to start: that’s legit— see above section about The Man holding us down.
  • Our accountant/bookkeeper/financial advisor is handlin’ it: this is the worst of all reasons. Your accountant/bookkeeper/advisor’s job is to put your numbers in a report every week or month. Your job is to open said report (yes, I know, kinda obvious, but I know some of y’all out there don’t do even this much), analyze it, compare it against your financial goals (note, goals are not, ‘I want to be rich’) and build your wealth accordingly.

This is the driving force behind My Smart Cousin. As a money expert and former Chief Financial Officer of a $1 billion company, Pam's goal is to help you cozy-up to your finances, understand exactly what they’re telling you, and develop a business and wealth roadmap based on your numbers, with weekly check-ins, so that you can know your numbers like the boss that you already are in your business and life, and build real wealth.

D. Neil Elliott–A Higher Road: Cleanse Your Consciousness to Transcend the Ego and Ascend Spiritually - A 7-Step Process to Inner Peace, Joy, Love, Abundance, and Prosperity

D. Neil Elliott–A Higher Road: Cleanse Your Consciousness to Transcend the Ego and Ascend Spiritually - A 7-Step Process to Inner Peace, Joy, Love, Abundance, and Prosperity

April 3, 2022

To any outsider, D. Neil Elliott was highly educated, owned a profitable consulting firm, and had a successful career and an amazing wife and family. But things were not all they seemed to be … Neil was facing a lot of challenges. In a phrase, he was in a dark place. Quite by accident, he discovered a Higher Road. As he traveled that road, he found the key to transforming his life.

Over the course of the following year, Neil lifted himself to an inner state of love, peace, joy, and abundance. His perspectives on life changed entirely. His troubles and tribulations were his impetus to find the key that enabled him to revolutionize his life. He learned that the search for a better life does not entail positive thinking, saying affirmations, chanting mantras, or traveling to India to sit at the feet of a guru—or any other popularized method of “finding yourself.” …The key? To ascend in both spiritual perception and truth, you need to use the right process to break through your entrenched, human-ego barriers.

For nearly three decades, Neil read hundreds of self-help and spiritual books and took self-development courses. All of them offered hope for change and improvement, but nothing fulfilled his needs or genuinely delivered on its promises.

Neil’s desire—and his new mission in life—is to share the knowledge he gained and the process he used on his journey to self-awareness, together with the blueprint document he discovered that was instrumental in transforming his life. He wants to give you, regardless of your station in life, the tools and opportunity to empower yourself, transform your life, and draw peace, joy, love, and prosperity into your personal situation and environment. Neil believes that as more and more people follow this Higher Road to true spiritual perfection, a New Era of Love and Peace will dawn for everyone throughout the world.

Navigating Cancer Together with Talaya Dendy

Navigating Cancer Together with Talaya Dendy

February 17, 2022

Dr. Odell Glenn, Jr. holds four degrees in various engineering disciplines, including a doctorate in chemical engineering. He is an engineering instructor at a research university.  In addition to his scholarly achievements, he serves as an ordained minister at an AME church. He is an author, motivational speaker, radio host personality, and primary caregiver to his parents. Dr. Glenn, Jr. is also the founder and CEO of a non-profit called The 3 Tier Foundation, which provides SAT prep courses for high school students, financial education workshops for entrepreneurs and small businesses, and respite care for caregivers.

A few highlights from the show:

1. Some caregivers die BEFORE the recipient of care because they are not getting the care they need. Caregivers must maintain balance and take time for themselves.

2. There may come a time when you will need professional help to care for a parent or loved one to ensure they are cared for properly. Never say never and let go of your pride. It is ok.

3. The joy is in the journey of the process. Accept that you will not understand everything.

Alzheimer's Association - https://www.alz.org/

Follow and connect with Dr. Glenn, Jr.:





Dr. Ronnie Parson-BIshop/Author/Engineer

Dr. Ronnie Parson-BIshop/Author/Engineer

January 15, 2022

Dr. Ronnie Parson has served in the pastoral ministry for over thirty-five years and is presently the senior pastor of The Living Church Ministries located in Charlotte and Statesville North Carolina (NC) and Regional Apostle in the Church Of Our Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith Inc. Region 12 includes churches in (Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Massachusetts-Lawsonian, Oregon, Washington, Caribbean Islands (Jamaica, Caracas, Trinidad, and Grenada).

Dr. Parson holds an earned Doctorate in Marriage and Family Counseling, and a Masters of Theology Arts in Christian Counseling, both from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. Also, he holds a Bachelor of Biblical Studies (Lee University) and a degree in Electrical Engineering Technology (Richmond Technical College). From 1980 to 1985 he worked as a member of the senior technical staff at Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill. NJ. After being divinely called into ministry Pastor Ronnie L Parson has served in pastoral ministry from 1987 to the present time.

Dr. Parson has recently served as professor of Pastoral Counseling and Pastoral Theology at William L Bonner College (WLBC), Columbia, SC. He has also taught courses in Homiletics, Church and Pentecostal History, and Biblical Studies. Presently he teaches Pastoral Theology and Christian Counseling for the online segment of WLBC College.

Dr. Parson serves as head of the Counseling Department for the Church Of Our Lord Jesus Christ of The Apostolic Faith Inc, overseeing a staff of licensed professional counselors. Dr. Parson is a published author of several pamphlets and 4 books: "I Took a Beating for this blessing", "A Cellular Communication Approach to Brief Marriage Counseling", and "The Divine LGBT Agenda", being a believable believer in a post-truth world and "A Pastoral Guide to doing Referrals". He co-authored a book with His wife entitled. To Serve with Nerve and verve". He has also co-authored engineering publications: 1983 at Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill, New Jersey.

 Pastor Ronnie Parson and His wife and best friend, Lady Rubina Parson, travel extensively teaching, training, and conducting seminars that range from leadership essentials, marriage, and family development to a variety of contemporary topics and theological themes impacting the twenty-first-century church. His ultimate goal is to please his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and hear him say, Well done good and faithful servant.

Shellee Howard- Author of ”How to Send Your Student To College Without Losing Your Mind or Your Money”

Shellee Howard- Author of ”How to Send Your Student To College Without Losing Your Mind or Your Money”

January 1, 2022

Shellee Howard is the owner and president of College Ready. She is a college graduate and is a Certified Educational Planner. Shellee has a son who graduated from Harvard in the spring of 2016 debt-free! Her son is currently a third-year medical student at UC San Diego. Her daughter completed her freshman year at the University of Alabama and will complete her Nursing degree this year. Shellee has traveled around the world helping students plan for their “perfect match” college. She knows what it takes to compete in Ivy schools as well as find the best fit for all students. Shellee believes that no two students are the same and each student must have their own strategy and plan to be successful. Each student has a gift/talent and a passion that will set him or her apart from their competition. Getting to know your student one on one is the key to success. This can be done in person or via Zoom. College Ready has clients all over the world and each one is important.  Her focus is to find the best academic, financial and social fit college for each student to thrive at and graduate debt-free!

Shellee Howard is also a sought-after speaker and consultant to 100's college-bound students around the world and is widely regarded as one of the world's leading college planners and strategy consultants. Her groundbreaking strategies help students get into their best-match colleges. Best of all, many graduate debt-free with a job they love waiting for them.

Whether addressing an intimate group or a standing-room-only arena, count on Shellee to take the fear out of planning and paying for college. 

Get your "FREE" book offered by Shellee Howard at book.collegereadyplan.com 

Catherine Alton–CEO and Co-Founder of ART Financial Solutions, LLC ; Queen of Alston Kingdom

Catherine Alton–CEO and Co-Founder of ART Financial Solutions, LLC ; Queen of Alston Kingdom

November 18, 2021

Catherine Latoya Grant-Alston is an Amazon #1 best seller author, entrepreneur, and international award-winning executive for a Fortune 300 company. She is the CEO and Co-Founder of ART Financial Solutions, LLC as well as the Queen of Alston Kingdom. 

Catherine Latoya holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Connecticut as well as a Master of Business Administration from the University of Massachusetts. In addition to her educational experience with finance, she has worked in the financial industry for 20+ plus years. Currently, Catherine is an executive holding the position of Director, Global Cash Operations. She is responsible for the strategic liquidity planning of the company’s $15 billion revenue, cash mobilization and consolidation, and treasury technology transformation. Catherine has implemented numerous processes for efficiency and cash optimization, a world-class treasury management system, and centralization of global payment and reporting processing. Catherine's services are the result of projects earning distinguished awards: Treasury Management International (TMI) Innovation and Excellence Corporate Recognition Award for Treasury Team of the Year; Alexander Hamilton Award for Technology Excellence; FIS Impact Award for Corporate.

Catherine is the Co-Founder and CEO of ART Financial Solutions, LLC. ART Financial Solutions specializes in strategic vision planning regarding liquidity and treasury technology. They provide consulting services and analysis for small businesses and corporations. ART Financial Solutions services the community and educational organizations by providing financial literacy and training. 

Alston Kingdom, a D/B/A of ART Financial Solutions, is a lifestyle brand that teaches individuals the necessary tools to increase their net wealth. Alston Kingdom provides financial coaching to promote a wealth mindset and ensure that each King, Queen, and Kingdom can continue to thrive financially. The goal is to build generational wealth! 

Catherine’s thirst for finance is a result of growing up and seeing the adverse effects of poverty in her community. She has dedicated herself to public service, especially financial literacy for youth, to help and aid community members. Catherine is an active member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated where she continues to serve the community. She has served as a budget coach for Co-Opportunity and was involved with The Village for Families and Children’s Financial Literacy program. Catherine has served as a member of the Academy of Finance advisory board for the East Hartford Board of Education, board member of Agape Fellowship Ministries, and program director for COA Enrichment Program. 

Catherine’s purpose is to continuously provide education to individuals and promote growth for the betterment of our communities.

Christian Evans—Industry Leader in Coaching and Mentoring

Christian Evans—Industry Leader in Coaching and Mentoring

November 12, 2021
Christian Evans is an expert in building successful online businesses that can explode your income and your mindset! Christian has been featured as a guest on numerous nationally known podcasts like Hustle to Freedom, Side Hustle to Small Business & many more! Christian hosts his own podcast Journey with Christian D. Evans in which he interviews and dives into the brilliant minds of experts in their industry!  His mission is to discover and expose secret weapons for which to harness and achieve success and significance within the online space.
He has had the opportunity to network & interview people such as
Tik Tok Influencer phenomenon Heather Hargrove
Boruch Akbosh, Business Growth Strategist for numerous Fortune 500 Companies
Jaris Tucker, Serial Entrepreneur and Owner of  "One on One Consulting"
Brandon, CEO & Owner of Seamless AI, Self-Made Millionaire
Christian came from a very humble background. For most of his early life, he was raised in a divorced home. He overcame sex addiction, lied, and cheated in the past to today is known as having a resourceful impact on people's lives because of the systems and ideas that he has implemented through several successful businesses. Divorce had a huge impact on his life but he believes that it was a part of the reason why and who he has become today. Christian firmly believes that he is on a mission to raise the next generation of LEADERS, both men, and women, who are making both integrity and  Character-Based Decisions.  He is on a mission to train the Next Generation of Leaders   If you always wanted to build a business but didn't know where to start, Christian is the expert, mentor, and go-to guy for helping develop concrete results. 

Prior to becoming successful, Christain spent almost 8 years "finding his way". During those years,  he consumed almost 4,000 hours of Marketing, Business, Sales & Philosophy videos, audio & books. He worked in many different avenues from Financial Services, Direct Sales, Inside Sales, a Business owner of a Beverage Company, and finally now into his latest adventure for which he calls "his passion!

Christian's quotes the following

"DON'T get caught in the INFO Product Circle.... circle of buying all the new info products but still never getting any results for your online business or side hustle! "

"You have two choices in life ..... stay on the path you are on = poor & forever hurting in financial struggle or build a side hustle = freedom, financial stability, security"

"My goal is NOT to change people because we can't, my GOAL is to INSPIRE others to change by living my life to the fullest" 

Christian can be reached on his website at





Thomas Russo–Author of ”There are No Politics In Heaven”

Thomas Russo–Author of ”There are No Politics In Heaven”

October 23, 2021

Thomas Russo currently serves as Town Manager in Newton, NJ, with 14 years of dedicated service to the County Seat of Sussex County, NJ.  Thomas Russo has 24 years of experience in municipal and county government as well as the nonprofit sector.  His experience includes but is not limited to budgeting, purchasing, human resources, public relations, project oversight, contract negotiations, government relations, economic revitalization & redevelopment, and community relations.  Thomas Russo is a competent and confident servant leader; a proven visionary and strategic thinker with highly effective communications and organizational skills. 

Thomas Russo previously served as an elected official in two NJ municipalities.  He was a Committeeman in Bernards Township from 2014–2017.  He served as a Councilman, Council Vice President, and Council President in Parsippany-Troy Hills Township from 1998–2005, earning the distinction as the youngest-ever elected Governing Body member in the history of the Township.  Thomas Russo also dedicated time to countless political campaigns from 1992–2014 attending several inaugurations and conventions.  He was selected as part of the inaugural class of young elected leaders at the 1stNational Young Elected Leaders Conference, Eagleton Institute of Politics, Rutgers University.  He was also chosen by the NJ Herald in 2009 as one of 40 influential people in Sussex County under the age of 40.  Other relevant professional experience includes his service as a Fundraising Associate at Far Brook School in Short Hills, NJ; Director of Public Affairs and Information at the Morris County Sheriff’s Office in Morristown, NJ; Manager of Development at Chilton Medical Center, Pompton Plains, NJ; Senior Editor, Communications at Organon Pharma USA; and Assistant Township Manager in Randolph, NJ.

 Thomas Russo is a member of the New Jersey Municipal Management Association (NJMMA) and as Chairman of the Statewide Insurance Fund, a committed group of over 80 NJ municipalities that pool resources to manage insurance claims and coverage.  He is a Community Advisory Board member of both Newton Medical Center - Atlantic Health Group and Bristol Glen Independent and Assisted Living Methodist Community.  He is also an Executive Committee member of the North Jersey Municipal Employee Benefits Fund (NJMEBF), a consortium of forward-thinking communities which pool resources to effectively manage employee health insurance costs.

 Thomas Russo has a Certified Public Manager (CPM) degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University/State of NJ, a Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree from Seton Hall University, and a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in both Communication and Political Science from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey.  He is an adjunct professor in the undergraduate LEAD program at Pillar College, Newark, NJ; an adjunct professor in the Department of Political Science and Public Affairs at his alma mater, Seton Hall University, in South Orange, NJ, where he teaches undergraduate and graduate courses on nonprofit management and leadership; and an adjunct professor at Fairleigh Dickinson University in Madison, NJ, where he teaches graduate courses in the School of Public and Global Affairs.  In 2022, Mr. Russo will be an adjunct professor at both Florida State University (online MPA program) and Florida International University (online MPA program).

 Thomas recently published his first book, a memoir of his life experiences and how he gave up New Jersey politics and found servant leadership as his calling.  The purpose of his book, There Are No Politics In Heaven, is to help individuals work through their brokenness and improve their lives with spirituality as their cornerstone.  Mr. Russo is also a student in the Public Leadership Credential (PLC) Program at Harvard University’s renowned Kennedy School of Government.  He currently attends Grace Fellowship Chapel with his family in Bedminster, NJ, and serves as a volunteer with Pause Ministries in Basking Ridge, NJ.  He resides in the Basking Ridge section of Bernards Township, NJ with his wife Patricia, Director of The Children’s Corner Preschool, the largest ministry of Liberty Corner Presbyterian Church.  They have two college-age daughters, Ashley (The Pennsylvania State University) and Krista (Florida State University).

Tina Collura–Award Winning Business Growth Strategist and Coach

Tina Collura–Award Winning Business Growth Strategist and Coach

September 6, 2021

Tina Collura is an award-winning business growth strategist and coach. She is the founder and Ceo of the "SEE YOURSELF GROW COACHING COMPANY". Her zone of genius is helping business owners triple their revenue at the speed of light by getting crystal clear on their messaging, their processes and making their potential clients ask them for the sale. 

Tina Collura is a wife, mom, and boss at everything she does. You give her 15 minutes and she will teach you how to stop wasting time and money and how to stop leaving money on the table.  She helps highly motivated, driven people elevate their lives and their businesses so that they can focus on their own purpose, productivity (she will save you time), and profitability (make you money).  She helps people get out of their own way and start seeing results in less than 60 days with her 7 steps customized coaching program!

Tina Collura has been coaching and speaking for 15 years and has worked in corporate for 21 years. During the pandemic, she made an additional 6 figures with her side hustle while working a 9-5, homeschooling a 6-year-old, and watching her 3-year-old turn her house into a jungle gym!!  After going virtual and creating a bull-proof working model, she booked her first 3 clients in 30 days and by 90 days she was coaching 13 clients.  She has helped 8 of her clients launch their own online businesses during the pandemic as well! And they tripled their income after working with her in 3 months! In December 2020 Tina was recognized as one of the "TOP 500" Companies, Entrepreneurs, Influential leaders, and Small business owners worldwide recognized for her entrepreneurial success, achievements, or dedication to helping others by "BRAINZ MAGAZINE".  She shares this award with people like Simon Sinek, Mel Robbins, and Elon Musk.

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